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Episode 113

#113 Carlijn Postma, Founder of The Post, on Binge Marketing

Binge Marketing is a marketing strategy that has you developing a long-term relationship with your audience using serial content. This fosters trust and lays a foundation for the realisation of your marketing goals. The person behind this concept is Carlijn Postma, founder of the content marketing agency The Post and author of ‘Binge Marketing: The Best Scenario for Building Your Brand’.

I invited Carlijn on to the show to find out how this methodology works, and how you can start implementing these ideas for your business. Join us as we discuss having a long-term vision with your purpose, expanding your story in serial format, some storytelling techniques like the ‘hero's journey, the lessons learnt from her advertising career, and how brands are getting Netflix documentary series.  

If after listening to the conversation you want her book you can get it here, and she has also kindly offered the Maverick Community a special discount of 20% off her online course "10-Day Online Course "Binge Marketing". Here you will learn to create your own Binge Marketing strategy.

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