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Episode 168

#168 Edward Francis, Co-Founder at Thumbprint Apparel, on Education and ​​Sustainable Fashion

Today we are joined by the co-founder of a mission-driven fashion brand Thumbprint, as well as Strategy and Brand Consultant for a number of great hospitality brands – Edward Francis. We explore how Ed and his co-founder Evgenia Baydikova have launched a fashion brand that, from the outset, is helping the world become a better place. Thumbprint Apparel breaks the mold of the fashion industry, by building a business around the people who make your clothes: young women from low income communities in India, initially in south Mumbai.

Tune in to this episode as Edward talks candidly about running a founder-led business, making space for experimentation, dealing with the complexity of the supply chain, and how he is intentionally living a simpler life.  


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