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Episode 60

#60 Join The Dots with Martin Johnson, Founder of YourBigPic

In the episode, Michael have a great friend and colleague of his as a guest.

Michael knew it would be an out of the box experience, and as you will hear very different than a normal podcast conversation.

Martin is the founder YourBigPic a consultancy that helps teams to connect the dots of the bigger picture of so they in a fast and fun way can spot their challenges and opportunities. With colleagues at the centre, they are specialists in connecting People to the success of the business with their amazing Programmes, Workshops and Kits.

We talked about the challenges leaders are in right now and the uncertain future they are heading towards and the importance of engaging their teams in helping to solve these challenges.

Grab a coffee, pencil, your notebook, a piece of A4 paper if you want to participate in our little exercise during the interview - you might learn something new about your team or business. If you like this check out the weekly webinars that Martin runs collaborating around a big-hitting engagement topic. 

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