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Episode 61

#61 The Power of Storytelling with Amy Ogden, Founder of The Collective

In this episode, Michael talks with Amy Ogden. Amy is based in New York City and matches world-class hospitality brands of all sizes with best-in-class agency partners in the areas of digital marketing, web, SEO, paid search, PR, social media, branding and more. 

Amy gives us an overview of what’s happening in the New York hospitality market, including events of the last 3 months in lockdown, and how they are managing re-opening.

Amy and Michael talk about the importance of purposeful storytelling in the time of crisis.

She also tells us about her chance meeting (and selfie) with Danny Meyer in one of his restaurants, and what she learned from that conversation.

Amy give some stellar advice during the podcast - when it comes to setting standards as a brand and much more.

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