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Episode 77

#77 Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon, Founder of Banana Pepper HR, on leading with care

Dialling in from Antigua, today’s guest has been instrumental in the making of the Hospitality Mavericks business. So I’m excited to bring on Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon, the ultimate HR rule breaker and expert in luxury hotels especially in the Caribbean. We connected a few years ago on LinkedIn, and instantly realised how aligned we are. So much so that we put together an article about how Mavericks will shake up the hospitality industry – and in this episode we explore if our predictions were correct.

Nicole founded Banana Pepper HR to elevate the game for visionary hotel owners tired of the status quo with a more creative and integrated approach to human resources who want to build remarkable brands through their employees. She’s worked closely with the likes of Rosewood Hotel Group, Virgin Limited and Campbell Gray Hotels.

Join our conversation as we discuss bouncing forward, “re-boarding” your staff, attracting different ways of thinking – and handling crises during Category 5 hurricanes and pandemics.


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