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Episode 81

#81 Dhilon Solanki, UK & EMEA Director at Sprout, on Customer Loyalty

Dhilon Solanki has been in the hospitality industry for 15 years. As UK & EMEA Director at Sprout, he’s been busy up-serving their customers since the pandemic started. I’m excited to catch up with Dhilon to learn more about where technology and communication sits in the bigger picture for hospitality. 

From an idea captured on the back of a napkin by the three Founders in 2008, Sprout has since grown to now boast a global workforce to service our growing global client base. Headquartered in Melbourne, and proudly Australian, the company includes operations and offices in the UK and Vietnam. Sprout is a CRM system that simplifies the acquisition and management of customer data allowing marketers to focus on creating customer-centric communications. 

Join us as we discuss email marketing, focusing on your loyal customers, non-negotiables for daily routines and the rebirth of QR codes.


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