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Episode 85

#85 Wil Slickers, Host of Slick Talk, on the ‘Destinationaire’

As host of the popular Slick Talk podcast and founding member of the Hospitality Game Changers Group, Wil Slickers is a content creator extraordinaire. Wil dedicates his time to individual and big name operators in the vacation rental and boutique hotel segments of hospitality while still growing the show and industry network globally. 

I’m super excited to pick Wil’s brains as he’s a true expert in service accommodation. It’s been a tumultuous year, but he suggests an interesting business opportunity for short-term rentals. With his concept of the Destinationaire, "a person who is wired to create remarkable experiences that are anticipated and shared", the industry is changing. Join our conversation as we explore sustainable lodging businesses, the impact of Airbnb in 2020, quality control and the need for more transparency in the industry.


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