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Episode 87

#87 Deepak Ohri, CEO Lebua Hotels and Resorts, on Emotional Touch Points

Connecting all the way from Bangkok, Thailand, I’m joined by Deepak Ohri, CEO Lebua Hotels and Resorts. Deepak is a real truth-seeker, so I really enjoyed hearing his gems of knowledge. As he mentions in this episode, “people are assets, not costs” – we need to look after our staff now more than ever. 

Deepak is an entrepreneur, business leader, public speaker, guest lecturer, and mentor. He joined Lebua Hotels and Resorts in 2003, where he helped drive its ambitious growth by keeping the human in the centre of everything. The Bangkok-based luxury hotels and restaurants company have locations in Thailand, India, and New Zealand.

Join us as we explore the opportunities with 5G, the future of green luxury tourism, sticking to the basics, and what we can learn from The Godfather.


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