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EPS 3 Digital Titans - Phil Le-Brun Enterprise Strategist at Amazon Web Services - The Human Factor

It was a great pleasure for Michael to connect with an old colleague of his from McDonald’s to talk about digital transformation and how we as leaders can make it happen more effectively.

In this conversation, Phil Le-Brun Enterprise Strategist at Amazon Web Services and the former international CIO at McDonald's shares how hospitality businesses now are so dependent on technology and when it breaks down it has huge consequences for business performance.

Phil and Michael have a deep dive into digital transformation touching these subjects:

  • The definition of digital transformation 
  • The need for a new leadership paradigm to be successful with digital transformation
  • Megatrends in hospitality technology
  • Challenges around implementing technology

We also talk about their next big move when it comes to Digital Transformation in restaurants and much more.

If you are a hungry learner when it comes to digital transformation in hospitality I would recommend downloading a copy of the free report DIgital transformation of Hospitality, created by Vita Mojo, Hospitality KAM-Media and us here at Hospitality Mavericks. 

We have interviewed more than 100 leaders across the hospitality industry to understand where they are, how they are adapting to change, and how the future looks when it comes to digital transformation. 

You can download the report via the link here 

The Digital Titans series is brought to you by the wonderful people at Vita Mojo - the technology company powering the best food and drink businesses in the UK and Europe.

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