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Episode 56

#56 Heartfelt Hospitality with Neena Jivraj Stevenson, Chief Cultural Officer of Point A Hotels

In this episode, the guest is Neena Jivraj Stevenson Chief Cultural Officer of Point A Hotels, which is more than just a hotel with rooms - it’s a place where everyone receives heartfelt hospitality, no matter their budget. They now have hotels in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

Neena and Michael talked about life in hospitality and being part of a family business, how Point A Hotels are navigating the pandemic by putting people first, and their approach to leadership and culture. Neena shares some strong advice on how to keep your people engaged even when you can't meet them in person. 

This episode will inspire you on how to take a different approach to management and culture - by engaging your people in creating solutions that solve the challenges in your business.


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