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Hospitality and The Infinite Game #001: Long-term Thinking

What type of hospitality industry do we actually want to create? Hospitality and The Infinite Game is a new podcast series focused on answering this one simple question. Tune in as Michael Tingsager of Hospitality Mavericks and David Chenery of Object Space Place discuss big ideas that might just set the foundation for a different model of success.

Today’s episode is inspired by Simon Sinek’s ‘Infinite Game’, and what happens when we switch to a longer-term thinking mindset. We reflect over the casual dining crash, and other bad choices made by short-term thinking, and what we can learn from impactful brands like Patagonia. As business leaders it’s our duty to think big to better understand the system.

Subscribe to the rest of the series as we cover topics such as the climate emergency, a circular economy, doughnut economics, B Corps, and how profit and purpose can co-exist. We make no claims to have all the answers. Far from it, in fact, but we hope these conversations might just get you thinking. We are learning, and hopefully you'll learn with us.

We have been recording this from a brand new podcast suite at Plus X Innovation Hub on Lewes Road in Brighton. This place is an awesome seven storey Innovation Hub for creative and innovative entrepreneurs. It’s got media suites for creating content like podcasts, it’s got maker workshops for prototyping including a 3D printing farm, plus it’s got plenty of co-working and office space. They’ve also just launched an Innovation support programme for businesses called BRITE which you can check out at

Resources mentioned:

Plus X Coworking Space

UN 17 Goals of Development

‘The Infinite Game’ by Simon Sinek

‘Do Purpose’ by David Hieatt


Danny Meyer

‘Doughnut Economics’ by Kate Raworth

#13: Staying True to Moshimo With Karl Jones, Director at Moshimo

Mowgli Street Food

The Good Business Festival

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