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Special Edition Episode: Out of the Blocks LAP ONE with Peter Backman and Michael Tingsager

Peter Backman and Michael Tingsager have come together to create a series of conversations to help leaders in the food and drinks industry to get off the starting blocks as the world and the industry reopen.

Michael and Peter talk about the impact the pandemic has had on food and drinks businesses, the challenges ahead and how to navigate them by putting a clear strategy in place.

The topics for this conversation are broad covering city centre trading, delivery, technology, consumer behaviour, economic factors, talent and much more.

Key takeaways from this episode are:

  • The current impact on the world and the food drinks industry 
  • The delivery market is changing 
  • Challenges and opportunities of city centre trading
  • The debt crisis in the industry
  • How the future of the industry might look 6-12 months from now


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