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Episode 115

#115 Sangeeta Waldron, Founder of Serendipity PR, on the Power of Social Responsibility

Award-winning PR and media expert Sangeeta Waldron is the founder of Serendipity PR and the author of The PR Knowledge Book and Corporate Social Responsibility is Not Public Relations. She is often invited to events both nationally and globally, where she speaks about the media, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and diversity in business.

In this fascinating discussion, we explore what it takes for businesses to fully embody their corporate social responsibility. Tune in to this interview to find out more about the pioneering businesses, combatting greenwashing, the drive for more diversity and inclusion, learning from our next generation of savvy consumers, and what tipping point we’re in right now. 


‘Corporate Social Responsibility is Not Public Relations’ by Sangeeta Waldron: 

The UN 17 Goals: 

Superdrug’s Social Responsibility Report 2021:

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